Friday, January 22, 2010

Peeing A Lot And Stomach Pains Tired All The Time Peeing All The Time Lower Back And Stomach Pains While Im On My Period?

Tired all the time peeing all the time lower back and stomach pains while im on my period? - peeing a lot and stomach pains

Me and my friend just started having sex, we had every day, until I start to trouble, and these strange symptoms. (its been so in recent weeks, first), we thought that she was pregnant, I started my period. (which a week ago and was not as hard as normal) but I'm always too late in tired.i middle of the night to go pee every 5 seconds, or at least have the desire to urinate d ', but if I do not usually pee much. Sometimes I feel like Im going to get sick and sometimes I, I get this really bad stomach pains just below my navel. and my average has pain in my lower back just like her great pain, but it hurts when I breathe ... im just really annoyed by all this pain. What is it?

I think it could be an in, but I'm sure you do not have one, before it was nothing like that.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes like in my time. I asked my gynecologist about once told me happens to many people. its boring, but if they are to talk to a doctor because it is the normal or May, a real problem.

Anonymous said...

probably a urinary tract infection is very common
must go to the doctor and some antibiotics .. if the infection can affect the kidneys and cause serious problems
Drink lots of water and some cranberry juice or pop! until you see the doc

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